I love Amsterdam. It is as simple as that.

When I first visited Amsterdam I, like many before me, fell instantly in love with the architecture of the city. My love affair grew and I moved from my home in the UK to live in the Netherlands. I began photographing, documenting and obsessing over the buildings here and before long I was making papercuts and drawings of the city’s iconic architecture, constantly inspired by the dazzling array of architecture the city has to offer.

Nobody who lives in Amsterdam can escape it’s wonderful architecture; the rows of elegant canal houses with varying gables from the Dutch golden age, the decadent eighteenth century theatres and department stores, the towers and churches, the unique Amsterdamse School architecture of the early 1900’s and every now and then a stark modern building squished in between. Especially awe-inspiring for me is the how all of these styles stand side-by-side harmoniously, proudly displayed along the canals and streets of Amsterdam.

My artworks are 100% handmade – no computers or photoshop. My drawings drawn freehand using a fine 0.05mm drawing pen and my papercuts delicately cut using a tiny craft knife.  Both techniques require materials and a process where there no room for mistakes, making for a truly unique and precious artwork. I take carefully selected buildings from different periods in different styles from various locations in the city and bring them together to truly celebrate the Amsterdam architecture and capture the spirit of the city.

I also work on commission, producing custom-made artwork of homes, shops and other venues or of favourite buildings. For more information please see here.

Enjoy my work,

Joseph Segaran

 +31 (0) 643 860 323